Brew on Premise Recipe Prices

Not All Beer Types Are Listed

  • Light Beers (Wheats, Pilsners, Fruit Beers, Light Ales, Blondes) — $160.00
  • Reds, Ambers, Scottish Ales, Amber Bocks — $170.00
  • Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts — $170.00
  • Special Order Beers (High ABV Beers) — Price determined at time of brewing.
  • Bottles and caps (price per case) — $10.00

Brewing times and bottling times are by appointment only.

Expect 6 to 8 weeks before a brewing time is available.

Brewing times are normally on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Therefore, you may need to plan a few months ahead to ensure your beer will be ready for that special occasion. We do not offer kegged beer for weddings or special occasions held off premise.